Tier V Unemployment Extension – Where’s the Republican Bill?

All bark, no bite

Lip service by the Republicans that say that they would support a Tier V unemployment extension becomes transparent when examined in the light of day.

Going into the election many 99ers have a single focus – it’s all economy, all the time. With a tremendous sense of urgency and a desperate need for both jobs and aid, 99ers are looking for our politicians to step up and do something, anything, about the current unemployment situation. To a very large degree, the republicans are providing the unemployed 99ers with only rhetoric and political positioning. To the republicans it’s all deficit, all the time, and there is no room for any compassion or concern for the 5.9+ million 99ers suffering in today’s lackluster economy. Let them eat cake seems to be their true position in terms of what they are actually offering in terms of legislation.

As total unemployment remains steady at a historically high rate and the economic recovery appears to be seriously floundering, the republican solution appears to be “vote for me.” While the Republican Minority in the Senate records a record number of filibusters by voting “NO” to any proposal presented by the Democratic Majority under the guise that they are simply protecting us from ourselves, millions get to suffer in disbelief that their years of solid contributions to our society are now met with distain and contempt. I ask, “Where are the republican sponsored bills to provide relief for millions of 99ers and the unemployed in general?”

Coming to a theatre near you is the new improved version of just say “No” to any type of social responsibility if the republicans gain a majority in the House and the Senate in the upcoming midterms. One simply needs to remember that this is the party of people like Jim Bunning and Orrin Hatch, people that think that people that lost their job by no fault of their own are now simply deadbeats; that they are just trying to suck this country dry. Just a bunch of useless, lazy, drug crazed indigents trying to get a few more weeks of free money off of the government dole.

While the republicans are busy hiding behind rhetoric about the deficit being the driving force for having them elected, they cannot come even close to articulating any of the spending cuts that would be necessary to do so. They contend that they are for unemployment extensions, and possibly a Tier V, if they were paid for, but offer no way to pay for them. One must remember that these are the same people that held the last unemployment extension up for 7 weeks by voting in lockstep to filibuster the unemployment extension bill. Only after considerable compromise did 2, count them 2 republican senators out of 40, brake ranks to finally allow passage of the bill.

To add insult to injury for the millions of unemployed that were living without any benefit payments for 7 weeks, the vindictive Republican Senators even stretched out the agony after the cloture vote passed almost the full 30 hours that they had available to them. They could have easily just rubber stamped the bill that had already obtained a majority of 60 vote’s just hours before, but they chose to let it linger almost every minute possible. I remember just how mean spirited this action was towards millions of people already suffering miserably due to a lapse in benefits. Do you?

The vast majority of the American people believe that the economy, unemployment, and the creation of jobs is the number one concern in today’s political environment. Rhetoric aside, political parties have earned their reputations for a reason. Their reputations are based on their past actions. The republicans have earned their reputation as being pro business at the expense of the middle class worker and the poor. Recent history proves this. I repeat my earlier question, “If the Republican’s are so concerned about the unemployed and the creation of new jobs, then where are their legislative efforts to do so?” Nothing is keeping them from presenting legislation to solve these problems as they have every right to do so just like the democrats that have presented the Berkley Bill and the Americans Want to Work Act. Where are the republican’s bills for the 99ers?

In the upcoming election, vote your conscience, but please have one. Much hangs in the balance!

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